The year is 2040. The experimental deepspace ship Event Horizon disappears beyond Neptune. Seven years later, the search-and-rescue vessel Lewis & Clark is dispatched to Neptune under the command of Captain Miller, with Event Horizon designer Dr William Weir on board. En route, Weir explains that the Event Horizon was the first spaceship designed for faster-than-light travel, a concept that they all thought was physically and technologically impossible. The ship disappeared without a trace when the gravity drive, her revolutionary engineering process, was engaged. The Event Horizon has recently resurfaced, issuing a single harrowing distress signal to which the Lewis & Clark is now responding. Orbiting Neptune, the Lewis & Clark docks with the Event Horizon. The older ship shows no sign of life despite extraordinary bioscope readings. Distorted video images in the ship’s log suggest that the crew
perished in hellish torment.
Written by Philip Eisner and produced by Laurence Gordon, Lloyd Levin and Jeremy Bolt, Event Horizon stars Laurence Fishburne (Othello, Bad Company) as Captain Miller and Sam Neill (Sirens, Jurassic Park, The Piano) as the brilliant Dr. William Weir. The director is young Briton Paul Anderson (Shopping), who made his U.S. debut with the box-office hit Mortal Kombat.

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