What an amazing holiday in Italy for this young American girl, full of life. Naturally, Cindy falls in love with the handsome Italian womaniser, Tony, who shows her around Venice. Together, they decide to afford themselves a romantic trip to the sunny Alps; but the white mountains turn out to be more mysterious than planned: they wound up in a bleak village and meet a young woman, Arva, who maintains that she has been attacked by some devilishly strange thing in the cemetery. And then, there is Algernon, this eccentric writer who travels across the region on his ancient motorcycle, and who tells them some disgusting tales of living dead or some horrible legends about witches who haunt mountains.
At nightfall, in the wrecked village, the young couple is too terrified to think about making love…
Evil Clutch, written and directed by Andrea MARFORI, a young Italian director specialised in splatter and terror, is a movie that fully has one purpose: to make your life a real nightmare.
Presented as a world premiere at the Festival, Evil Clutch stars Coralina C. TASSONI whom we already loved in Demons 2 and who will soon be seen in Dario ARGENTO’s Opera.

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