Having exhausted all the resources that modern medicine can give them, little Luna’s parents are already receiving a tutorial on palliative care from their family doctor. But, if the modern world condemns the little girl to certain death, the mother has a backup plan that we could euphemistically call a “grandmother’s recipe”. She takes Luna and her older sister Nala to the Mexican countryside, to the home of Josepha, an arthritic crone they can call Grandma… And she’s nice, Grandma. She smells a bit, she doesn’t know Wi-Fi, but she smiles a lot. However, as soon as the parents run off in search of rare ingredients, leaving the two girls alone with the abuela, things take a turn for the worse. Josepha continues to smile, but creepily, while the housekeeper tries to put the little ones to bed with stories of witches that would make a Saudi executioner spend sleepless nights. And, during these endless nights, torn between insomnia and nightmares, they finally ask themselves a legitimate question: why have they never met their grandmother before? Surely not just because of the smell… Isaac Ezban is a regular at the BIFFF, having sung songs to the (world) premieres of THE INCIDENT, THE SIMILARS and PARALLEL. Now he leaves behind his cherished sci-fi worlds to plunge headfirst in pure unfiltered horror, drenched in local folklore. The result is a box-office hit, a nugget that appears in many genre top 10’s of the year and a thrilling promise: to do to grannies what JAWS did to sharks…

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