Jaded hospital psychiatrist Paul Lacasse is called to treat a patient far more fascinating than his usual workday roster of crazies and compulsives. The famous horror novelist Thomas Roy has attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself out of the window after cutting off all of his fingers. The same day, a dozen schoolchildren are gunned down by a seemingly stable and responsible cop. As doctor Lacasse and his highly pregnant assistant Jeanne soon discover, the two incidents are linked. It seems that Roy is more than just a writer who dreams up bad stuff for his books.
Sur le seuil, the debut feature of Canadian director Eric Tessier, is an adaptation of the best selling horror novel by Patrick Senécal, who co-wrote the script. This smart and terrifying modern psycho-killer drama takes us to the edge of terror, exploring the fragile border between madness and sanity. Sur le seuil is a blood-splattered story of murder, demons and bestsellers with a gothic twist.

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