Thomas Skepphult has everything a man could desire : wealth, a beautiful wife and daughter and a solid reputation in the financial world. Together with his partner and mentor, Wilhelm Rahmberg, they own the successful venture capital firm Nova Investment. Thomas and Wilhelm are about to close the largest deal of their lifetime. They’re going to sell one of their largest assets, the Cataegis corporation. This is to be the crowning deal of Wilhelm before he retires. Then things start to go wrong. First the Russian buyers lower their offer. The next day, Wilhelm is found brutally murdered. The police discover a document stipulating that when one partner dies, the other one becomes the sole owner of Nova Investment. Thomas is now the main suspect. While being hunted by the police, he tries to find the killer and save his own family from the maniac who has framed him for murder. Exit is an tantalizing Swedish thriller filled with unexpected twists and turns that takes us behind the scenes of the financial world. Rising international star Mads Mikkelsen ( The Green Butchers, Adam’s Apples, Casino Royale ) brings intensity to the films fast pulse as Thomas Skepphult, a man who has to risk everything in a roller coaster ride to the death. Exit is excellent entertainment for those who like their action nerve-racking and their acting first class.

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