Custom agents stumble across a giant crate of human hair, destined to be used as extensions for trendy Japanese civilians. They are disgusted and horrified when they discover in the centre of the mountain of hair a dead girl whose eyes and organs have been removed, presumably for black market sale. A girl whose broken body has, they will soon learn, been harvested in every conceivable way. Meanwhile, at the hip Gilles De Rais hair salon apprentice-stylist Yuko is learning the tricks of the profession by practising on friends, wigs and everything hairy. Over the ensuing days, her salon is turned upside-down as clients are found dead, inexplicably and violently murdered by their own hair. Exte: Hair Extensions is a brilliantly outrageous, gruesome and darkly comical entry into mainstream film making for transgressive art-horror genius Sion Sono ( Suicide Club, Strange Circus ). The influx of money and means hasn’t softened his spirit, quite the contrary. Strands of hear tear out from body cavities, wounds, eyeballs, mouths and fingertips, utterly obliterating the people they happened to be connected in ways that have to be seen to be believed. The hair is not only his narrative’s central threat; they are also a metaphor for internal horrors impacting upon external realities. Starring the stunning Chiaki Kuriyama ( Battle Royale, Kill Bill ) as Yuko and Ren Osugi ( Audition, Cure, Nightmare Detective ) with the freakiest performance in his career as a morgue attendant with a very peculiar hair fetish.

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