A bunch of young people are going to party for a weekend in the woods. Sounds familiar? Are you waiting for the maniac with the axe? Don’t worry. The threat comes from above. After a few very bloody abductions, our heroes realize that the aliens will not stop before they are all anally probed to death. The cat and mouse game can start and there can be only one survivor.
If you wanted to describe the atmosphere of Extraterrestrial, you could say it’s a combination of the themes from Signs and Steven Spielberg’s War Of the Worlds, mixed with the tension of a David-Fincher-on-acid. This sci-fi slasher gives a crash-course of what people are going through when they’re picked up by those “friendly” lights in the sky. Extraterrestrial is the latest directorial effort from the Vicious Brothers. They made their mark with Grave Encounters, a true antidote to any Paranormal Activity related franchises. Just to say that these guys know something about rhythm, tension and the art of found footage.

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