Sophia moves into an austere marble building with her daughter Helena. The house is fun to explore and the girl finds an old closet in the basement. A few days after their move, Helena looses her first baby tooth. While she drives her to school, Sophia tells the story of the Tooth Fairy who will come to take her tooth and give her money in exchange. Distracted by the conversation, Sophia looses control of the car, which falls down from a bridge. While the car is falling into the lake, Sophia sees in the side mirror the reflection of a little blonde girl. Miraculously, Helena and Sophia survive the accident. When they are discharged from hospital, Helena becomes obsessed with the Tooth Fairy. At school she starts buying up the lost teeth of her classmates. Her teacher, Miss Cavendish, calls upon Sophia to explain the issue. After their meeting, the teacher suddenly dies. It becomes clear that their house is hiding a terrible secret. Fierce canine teeth and ghosts galore in this feature film by Italian director Christian Bisceglia. He layers on tons of atmosphere, recalling the best of “giallo”, and favours good old fashioned prosthetics over digital sfx. And for good reasons ! This terrifying puzzle, which covers some 70 years, gives you lots of thrills by the minute and confirms that the Italian new wave hasn’t run out of steam yet !

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