Québec, Canada. Fifteen-year-olds Charles, Louis, Paul and Guillaume are incredibly dorky and therefore, incredibly unpopular at school. But hey, at least they have each other and their heroic quest to Farador, a Dungeons & Dragons-style board game. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, ain’t no butt-ugly goblin fierce enough to shatter the bond of their fellow–… ergh, friendship. They didn’t count on one thing though: girlfriends! Eighteen years later, Paul trades in his armor and amulets for a ravishing blonde called Marie-Eve and leaves his companions in the middle of their still unfinished crusade to Farador. And even more trouble is on the horizon: Charles’ little sister Kim is back after a five-year stay in Brussels and breaking up with her Belgian boyfriend Tom. The reason? Well, she might be a little more into the ladies. But if you think a little something like his ex being lesbian would dissuade Tom from coming over to Canada to make things worse, then you clearly don’t know the guy. And much like Pierce Hawthorne in COMMUNITY, he’s going to utterly and spectacularly ruin their game forever… In 2006, Edouard Tremblay’s short LA BATAILLE DE FARADOR went viral on YouTube and became a phenomenon among videogame, cosplay and board-game playing geeks. Seventeen years later and with a little co-production help from Belgium, he’s back with the feature-length version, which amps up the fun and the comedy, with good-looking digital effects and even an incredible homage to legendary stop-motion maestro Ray Harryhausen!

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