Ansel Roth, a washed out fortysomething, gives a conference speech about sects and the ways in which they manipulate and indoctrinate their members. Once he was a renowned specialist and savior in need for desperate parents. Now he lives from one hotel voucher to another. After the speech, he’s approached by the parents of Claire, a girl who has fallen under the spell of a charismatic cult leader. Ansel sees an opportunity to relive his glory years. He manages to find and save Claire and gets ready to start the deprogramming process. But the girl has learned a thing or two from being in a sect and tries to carry out her own agenda. Who manipulates who?

The paranoid black comedy Faults is the debut feature of Riley Stearns. It benefits from two strong leads, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Death Proof) and Leland Orser (Alien: Resurrection) and gives us a front row ticket to religious madness at its most delicious.

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