Inspector Alonso is perhaps getting too old for all this shit. As a law enforcer he has seen his fair share of atrocities that usually leave him cold. But child murder, that’s a different thing… He’s got a suspect. A former religious studies teacher who looks maddeningly normal. Not the kind of face you’d associate with this line of business. But he hasn’t gotten a confession out of him and he lacks the means to do so. After a disastrous last attempt at cross-examining the suspect, he’s released on the ground of a ‘technical error’ and Alonso earns himself the ire of his superiors. But if the law prevents him from doing his job thoroughly, no problemo! He leaves his badge in his locker and teams up with an unlikely ally in the person of one of the victims’ mothers. Together they’re going to organize a little get-together with the suspect. In the basement of an isolated house, with no cameras and none of those stupid rules and procedures. He barely had time to put his Silver Raven on his mantelpiece for VIRUS 32 (BIFFF 2022). Now Gustavo Hernàndez is already back in Brussels! And he brings along nothing less than the remake of BIG BAD WOLVES, a real Israeli gem that Quentin Tarantino did not hesitate to call “best film of 2013”! A high-voltage thriller with a razor-sharp script and a harrowing final shot that is still giving us chills four days later…

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