Hard to deny it, 2012 is a year that gives us the jitters. No Roland Emmerich popping up with a happy end, not even the shadow of Bruce Willis bawling “Armaggeddon !!!” while riding a huge interstellar rock. Just three losers in a Tokyo music store feeling very lonely while staring at the enormous meteorite that tears through the Japanese sky. There is just five hours left before this one-way ticket to heaven and, since our three guys are too lazy to panic and run screaming through the deserted streets of the capital, they decide to play an old record. It’s an outdated song from 1975 called “Fish Story”, sung by an anonymous punk group. Isn’t that pathetic ? Except that, thanks to this song, we’ll jump on a time travel trip and discover that there is more behind this than just some pissed off punks. What if the frenzied riffs of these “no future” buffs could save the world ? That would probably be harmful for their credibility, but it would certainly suit us all. A bit of poetic variety in this nasty world : no gigantic robot or epileptic ninjas this time, but a story, full of humor and references to apocalyptic blockbusters. Yoshihiro Nakamura, writer of Dark Water ( Silver Raven in 2002 ) deconstructs the plot in an Inarritu-like style and delivers a truly original crowd pleaser.

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