Back in the 50’s, when Rock ‘n Roll was king, shy and stuttering Teddy Boy Johnny Taylor wanted just one thing; to dance with Sally Andrews, the girl of his dreams. But Johnny’s dream turns into a nightmare, when he’s bullied and beaten by Sally’s boyfriend and finds himself at the centre of a murder on the dance floor. Panicking, Johnny flees the scene of the massacre only for the car to veer into the river, sending Johnny to a watery grave. 40 years later, a mysterious pirate radio station playing the sounds of the fifties, causes Johnny to awake from the dead. Driving through the night in his spectral motorcar, he’s a monster in search of lost emotions. Through his eyes and memories, the modern world looks just as it did in the 50’s. He returns to the only place he ever called home; his mother’s flat. She has never believed that Johnny died and now lives trapped in time, waiting for her lost boy to return. The fifties are back with a vengeance in Flick, an outrageous horror comedy from the UK. Debuting feature writer-director David Howard doesn’t only gets the balance right between laughs and frights, he also managed to cast Faye Dunaway ( Chinatown, Network, Bonny and Clyde ) as Annie McKenzie, a visiting, one-armed American detective who works on the mystery of Johnny’s reappearance. Hugh O’Connor ( Sawdust Tales, Deathwatch ), who visited the Bifff in 1996 to present The Young Poisoner’s Handbook plays Johnny Taylor. Liz Smith ( Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ) is mother Taylor and Julia Foster ( Alfie ) completes the cast as Sally Andrews.

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