Somewhere on Earth, year 2013. Acid rains and nuclear incidents seriously damaged the landscape. But the worst plague that this planet has ever known comes from the constant development of automation: robots are legion, and the survival of the humankind has become a real struggle. Captain John Brennick, former member of the Black Berets and his wife, Karen, broke the law. After the loss of their first child, Karen is pregnant again. The couple tries to cross the border, because they refuse to follow the government’s orders, which want to requisition every newborn, but their attempt failed. During the gunfight that follows, Karen manages to escape, but Brennick is taken prisoner and sent to the Fortress: the most sophisticated prison ever built. This high-tech prison of thirty gigantic floors buried in the ground defies every boundary of the imagination. Prisoners are constantly supervised by computers and discipline is maintained through particularly cruel procedures. When they arrive, Brennick and the other prisoners meet Poe, the Fortress’s supervisor, who clearly warns them of the definitive form of the punishment if they violate the rules, but Brennick remains determined to reunite with Karen…

The director of RE-ANIMATOR, DOLLS, THE PIT & THE PENDULUM and FROM BEYOND – based on H.P. LOVECRAFT’s work – transports us through FORTRESS in a spectacular and futuristic adventure featuring stunning sets. Stuart GORDON, the screenwriter of HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS and its sequel, chose CHRISTOPHE LAMBERT (GREYSTOKE, HIGHLANDER, KNIGHT MOVES and more recently MAX AND JEREMIE, with P. NOIRET and J.P. MARIELLE) to play the role of Brennick. JEFFREY COMBS (THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, RE-ANIMATOR), the fetish actor of STUART GORDON and invited to the Festival in 1990, shares the screen with LAMBERT, KURTWOOD SMITH and LORYN LOCKLIN.

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