People can make fun of youtubers as much as they want, linear TV is slowly dying. Especially since ‘Framed’ entered the equation. This live-streaming platform allows everything! Wanna check out an obese man sitting on a crane while eating a pizza-kebab for the eighth time? Or watch Granny stuff the neck of the turkey with home-made stuffings, without gloves? Please yourself: ‘Framed’ is the ultimate everyday Chatroulette and puts Netflix’ algorithm under pressure. Nonetheless, excesses have been witnessed worldwide, and Spain has to face its very first live-stream murder… And the author of the gruesome and overly exposed video feels he could become the next big thing. To quote the great poets that are Daft Punk, he wants to go “harder, better, faster, stronger”. He wants to blow up the views ranking with a brand new concept: a house and a bunch of young friends who want to party, to have fun, to enjoy a killer moment…. An actual one. Broadcasted live and with no ads… Framed, from the brand new production company Creatures of the Dark, transcends traditional home-invasion movies with its eloquent critique on social media. In this day and age, Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame come with terrifying opportunities in a hyperconnected world. Marc Martinez Jordan’s first feature hits hard without warning: gory, violent, unbearable, but also encouraging us, voyeurs that we are, to bitter-sweet laughs.

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