Suspicious superstar Ricky Coogan (Alex Winter) decides, after a 5 million dollar offer from the notorious conglomerate E.E.S. (Everything Except Shoes), to become spokesman for Noxon, their new fertiliser. Together with friend Ernie he flies to Santa Flan, one of the few countries where the product has not yet been banned. They get a lift from the unsuspecting ecologically correct Julie (Megan Ward) and make the mistake of stopping at “Elijah C. Skuggs Famous Freek Land and Mutant Emporium.” This villain (Randy Quaid) captures tourists and smears them with… Noxon, causing them to mutate into fierce freaks. Skuggs captures the trio and starts experimenting. Julie and Ernie are fused into the first combination of feminist & male chauvinist pig. Ricky ends up as half monster-half clean boy, for lack of Noxon. They join the rest of the motley family and become a popular part of the show. In the best “Freaks” tradition, they decide to rebel against Scuggs and look for an antidote to their unappetizing condition.

This Rock ’n Roll Horror Comedy is the brainchild of the duo Alex Winter and Tom Stern. Winter made a name for himself as Bill from the Bill and Ted films (Wayne’s World avant la lettre) and appeared in The Lost Boys and Rosalie Goes Shopping. Together with comrade Tom Stern, he created the successful black comedy show “The Idiot Box” for MTV-USA and played music videos for big names such as Ice Cube, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. As Ricky, Alex Winter is accompanied by Randy Quaid (The Last Picture Show, The Long Riders, Days of Thunder), Megan Ward (Arcade, Amityville V, Encino Man) and by dazzling guest stars including Morgan Fairchild, Mr. T (The Bearded Lady!) and Keanu Reeves (Juan, The Dog Boy!). Special effects come from our friend Screaming Mad George (Freddy IV, Bride of Re-Animator, Necronomicon).

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