Free Country

Part of the international jury last year at the BIFFF, Christian Alvart already hinted at a surprise the following year. How nice of him to send us a nice chunk of Apfelstrudel, we thought, but never did we expect to receive a brand new feature film! Patrick and Markus, two inspectors with radically opposing methods, arrive in the German middle of nowhere three years after the fall of the Wall to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two twin sisters. After the bodies of the girls resurface, the former indifference of the locals transforms into a tenacious hostility towards the two cops… Sound familiar? That’s normal, as it’s a remake of LA ISLA MINIMA (Thriller award BIFFF 2015)! While staying loyal to the original Alvart adds his own twist to the story by transposing the action from Spain to the political context of a recently unified Germany. His fervor for the topic bubbles up to the surface of heart-stopping visual imagery. FREE COUNTRY isn’t just a phenomenal thriller, but a sign of unforeseen renewal: from now on, Germany + police will no longer equal inspector Derrick. And we can only feel relieved about that!

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