“Karma can’t harm ya if it can’t catch up” says Hussain, a young estate agent who has a date with destiny, no matter what he claims. He shares a comfy one-room apartment with his cute girlfriend. Every morning he dresses in London’s loudest suit and sets off for the office in the best of spirits. After selling houses all day he goes back home to smoke weed with his pals or roll in the proverbial hay with his girl. Little does he know that his every move is being watched by the third inhabitant of the apartment : a shady man who unbeknownst to him shares his living space and wants to plot his downfall. Might he have something to do with the slick sales practices of smooth-talking Hussain ? Because when his mind is set on getting a commission he’s capable of just about anything… The hilarious black horror comedy Freehold is the first feature film of two naturals. TV director Dominic Bridges successfully crosses over to the silver screen, whereas actor Mim Shaikh brilliantly portrays the alternately foulmouthed and bootlicking protagonist whose life is slowly falling apart. They get help from the frightfully good Spanish actor Javier Botet ( It, The Mummy, Crimson Peak, [Rec], Witching and Bitching… ) as the enigmatic home invader.

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