“Tom Bates, a meticulous middle-aged man, just finished his ritual death chronicle. He is leaving the office and is about to rekindle his daily scar: at home, his wife is waiting for him, and above all, his daughter Patricia, who suffered from a terrible and curious car crash and was reduced to a state of vegetable. She is still a real sunshine of beauty, but completely paralysed and expresses herself via some whispered gurgling.
With his melancholic walk, he passes in front of the cathedral. Martin is watching him walk. While a killer glint illuminates his eyes, he violently hits Bates, lost in thought. Distraught, Bates gives his humblest apologies to the young man who loudly curses him. When the two men go separate ways, Bates does not realise that his briefcase was stolen from him…
Later in the evening, Martin breaks into the Bates’s: he announces himself as a former lover of Patricia whom he cannot forget. For that matter, it seems like a smart glint appears in Patricia’s eyes who is gazing at him…
It’s Richard LONCRAINE (Full Circle, Bellman and True) who directed this diabolic thriller with a script by Dennis POTTER (Pennies from Heaven, Gorky Park).
Sting (from the Police), who already showed his talent richness in Dune, The Bride, etc., plays with intensity the fierce Martin, Denholm ELLIOTT (The Apprenticeship of Dubby Kravitz, Raiders of the Lost Ark) is the suspicious father, Joan PLOWRIGHT (Love and Fear, Britannia Hospital) is the desperate mother and Suzanna HAMILTON (Tess) is their unfortunate daughter. The original soundtrack, composed by Sting, is performed by the Police.”

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