Katherine White is of interest for the journalist Beth Chandler for two reasons: she killed about twenty people of her own and is from OLDFIELD, a dark little village of the American countryside, which is famous for its incredibly high number of bloody murderers. This is a gold mine for Katherine who, during her investigation, is lucky enough to bump into OLDFIELD’s historian. Supporting evidence, he is going to explain that the village itself gives rise to madness and horror. In a whisper, he tells her the story of Stanley Burnside, a frustrated to the core psychopath, who will kick himself because he broke some fundamentals of the perfect womaniser; the one of Jesse Hardwicke, the traitor, who will forever regret wanting to know the secrets of eternal life; the one of one circus artist’s digestive problems who ate glass; the one of the confederate deserter who was captured by a bunch of horrible kids with an alarming diet…
But who will tell the story of the historian himself then, when his whisper turns into a dying scream?
From a Whisper to a Scream is the first full-length feature film of Jeff BURR. Winner of several awards for his short films, BURR reckons that a good fantasy movie first must be based on a clever scenario and character description rather than bloody special effects. Indeed, he included a lot of imagination and (dark) humour in his movie and the four sketches are connected by a simple link, without any phantasmagoric mushiness. For that matter, it is the quality of the storyline which allowed BURR to gather a prestigious cast together: Vincent PRICE is the erudite historian, Glu GULAGER (The Return of the Living Dead, Invaders from Mars, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge) stunningly plays the necrophiliac psychopath, Martine BESWICK (Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde) is Katherine the murderer, and Susan TYRELL (Forbidden Zone, Fat City) is a journalist with dark ambitions.

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