Cee, a young pregnant woman, is one of the passengers of a damaged train that slowly trudges along in a hostile post-apocalyptic landscape. Nobody knows what keeps the engine running. The passengers are separated from the mysterious engineers that control the train. Maybe the dead serve as fuel ? Cee can not remember how the world came to an end or how she got on the train. The desperate survivors are constantly threatened by floods, war, famine and disease. Every day can be their last. The only thing that keeps Cee going is the memory of her husband and the imminent birth of her baby. But what kind of future can she offer her child ? John Bergin is not only an acclaimed short filmer, he’s also the author of some remarkable graphic novels. From Inside, his first long animated feature, is an extremely faithful adaptation of one of these novels and the result of years of work by one man and his computer. The simple, effective animation, the harrowing images and the monotonous voice of lead actress Corryn as Cee give From Inside the emotional impact that is missing from recent big budget post-apocalyptic blockbusters like I Am Legend, The Happening or The Day After Tomorrow.

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