Medical doctor Annika and her 17- year-old daughter Saga, have just moved to Lapland, where Annika has found work in a local hospital. The little town, with its seemingly endless polar night, appears to be just as boring as Saga thought it would be. However, at her new school, she quickly becomes friends with Vega, a red and black haired goth girl, who acts as if she has known Saga for years. But things are not what they seem to be in the biting winter cold. Annika finds out there’s something not right at the hospital. The little community is struck by mysterious deaths and accidents. It will soon become clear to everyone involved that when the world around you turns to blood, the last thing you want to hear is that there’s more than a month till dawn. Having been horror maniacs for years, producers Göran Lindström and Magnus Paulsson and director Anders Banke wanted to make a modern, high value vampire movie that had not been seen in Scandinavia before. The polar night, with its months of endless darkness, proved to be the ideal prowling grounds for our favourite bloodsuckers. The excellent make-up, awesome special effects and a superb soundtrack, performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, have made sure that Frostbite lives up to its promise.

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