Irène Escher is working at home when her 6-year old daughter comes into her office and asks her where Toni is? Irène tells her not to disturb her when she’s working. After a while she starts worrying since her son still hasn’t come home from school. When she finds out that Toni never arrived at school that day, she calls the police. In the nearby forest they find his bike. The police soon discovers that eleven other children have disappeared at the same time in the four different linguistic regions in Switzerland. The police and the media find numerous traces and indications, but no explanation for these spectacular disappearances. After a week the parents of the missing children all receive the same encoded message. Before the next full moon they must decode the hidden message and fullfil the demands.
Full Moon, by Swiss director Fredi M. Murer (Höhenfeuer) is a dramatic and ironic tale about Switzerland. It is also a plea for less logic and more imagination in our lifes. Lilo Bauer (Peter and the Wolf, Le Gouter chez Niels, The Jewish Wife) stars as Irène Escher. Hanspeter Müller (Der Man ohne Gedächtenis, Benny’s Video, Jagdzeit) plays Chief of Police Wasser. The camerawork is courtesy of Pio Corradi (Höhenfeuer, Candy Mountain).
Pauline Pictures Belgium & T.C. Films
present at the
Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller & Science-fiction Films

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