In these heydays of reality TV, with millions of people across the globe tuning in to ‘Big Brother’, ‘Temptation Island’ and ‘Naked and Afraid’, we’d like to invite all you cringe bingers to watch this somewhat more hardcore twist on the genre. All the classic ingredients are there: the gallons of alcohol, the posturing, the two-bit romances… Admit it: you eat this stuff up! So, eight failed celebrities get to move into this “Funhouse”, secluded from the world but live streamed for the enjoyment of millions of people. Their host and mastermind behind all this? A dude as philanthropic as a certain Adolf, with pockets as deep as Rockefeller. The prize? Five million dollars. The goal? To win of course, but there’s a catch: in order to win, you have to be the sole survivor… Get rich or die tryin’! But these lucky birds will discover this only upon arrival. Director Jason William Lee’s aim for his last-(wo)man-standing-movie is obvious: no horrors are spared. Sensitive souls, abstain! It’s your eyes that are going to suffer the most!

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