Gandahar is a land where peace rules, without any conflict to disrupt the people’s tranquillity. Governed by the Council of Women whose head is Ambisextra, Gandahar is, however, sought-after by a mysterious potency with an invincible army of Men of Metal. Jasper, a young servant, goes on an assignment to discover the attacker’s identity. He passes through a time portal and finds out that the invasion comes from the future! The person responsible turns out to be Metamorphis, an artificial intelligence created by Gandaharians then and abandoned in the vastness of the ocean.
Inspired by a novel by Jean-Pierre ANDREVON, this animated film directed by René LALOUX (Fantastic Planet) and CAZA, where the dialogues were adapted by ASIMOV, “is an inventive and original movie with a surprising visual design. Along with a beautiful soundtrack by Gabriel VARED, this famous sci-fi story turns into a philosophical tale. A particular attention to the setting and character design and a very smooth cartoon make Gandahar a great success.” – Daniel SCOTTO.

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