Masaru Kato died by an accident in which he was unintentionally
involved. Surprisingly enough, he wakes up in a room he’s never seen.
There he meets the members of the so-called Team Tokyo, whose
leader, Kuruno, has just died fighting the aliens that are infesting the
cities of Japan. Together with Team Tokyo, Masaru is transferred to
Osaka City, which is surrounded by an ocean of fire. He encounters
their rivals, Team Osaka, whose members are a bunch of crooks, with
the exception of single mother Anzu Yamasaki. Kato keeps fighting,
trying to stay alive and wanting to get home to his brother, his only
remaining family.
Hiroya Oku’s manga Gantz, which follows the battle between the
resurrected, those who should otherwise have died, and mysterious
aliens, has so far sold over 24 million copies worldwide. The first anime
adaptation was aired in 2004 and a series of two live action films
were released in 2011. One of the most popular chapters of the series,
the Osaka Arc, has now been adapted into a big budget extravaganza
that will certainly delight the numerous fans of the series.

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