Ji Hyun-soo is the head of a successful private detective agency and the epitome of cool, never leaving the house without a tailor-fit tuxedo. While he usually investigates shady business partners or cheating husbands, he’s not above just going after a client’s dog that was taken from her by an ex. Especially if said client is very attractive. He just has to go pick her up in his fancy jeep, drive to the ex’s cottage and threaten the guy to give her dog back. Easy peasy. But upon arrival, he’s whacked with a baseball bat. When Hyun-soo wakes up, he’s got a knife in his hand and he’s under arrest for kidnapping his client… On their way to the police station though, by divine intervention or pure luck, the car flips over in a freak accident. While he gets off with just a couple of bruises, his captor – prosecutor Kang – isn’t quite so lucky, with several severe fractures and hemorrhages that put him in a coma that’ll last a week. But in the accident both of their ID’s got burnt. Because of the suit, everyone just assumes Hyen-soo is prosecutor Kang. Which means he has exactly one week to use his newly obtained powers as a prosecutor to find the real culprits and prove that he’s innocent… That’s quite a couple of twists and that’s only the first 15 minutes of GENTLEMAN, which has many more surprises in store for you. In his first feature, Kyoung-Won Kim expertly mixes action-thriller and comedy – because Korean thrillers don’t always need to be black-hearted gut-punches – with a seriously suave Ji-Hoon Ju (THE SPY GONE NORTH, ALONG WITH THE GODS 1 & 2) in the lead role.

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