Warren is a movie director. His bosom buddy, Fred, is specialised in special effects. Together, they should have it all tied up in Hollywood! But their horror movies are all flops, and they don’t even manage to earn enough money for their last project. At this point, only some serious help from destiny can save them. And now, Warren’s uncle just kicked the bucket, assigning his nephew as his only heir. Over the moon, both men evaluate the considerable amount which saves them at the very last moment; but this legacy is all in all composed of a pawned old case: to get it back, they first have to pay twenty dollars and twenty-five cents. At first, the content of the case is disappointing: just some pictures of Warren’s uncle, a former movie director from the 20s, and a clock no longer usable. Warren, miffed, is still going to repair the clock, and that’s where he is going to estimate his legacy’s wealth!
Ghost Chase was directed by Roland EMMERICH (Joey), the German SPIELBERG of fantasy movies, and presents itself as a ghost train, horrible and beautiful at the same time, where the audience will have mixed feelings between terror and hilarity.
Jason LIVELY (Brainstorm, Night of the Creeps) is the one playing Warren, and Jill WITHLOW (Porky’s), as Laurie, is the director’s girlfriend, also starring Paul GLEASON (Trading Places, The Breakfast Club).

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