Three friendly researchers at the university of New York are suggested in a rather blunt way it would be better for them to just pack their bags and leave. The university doesn’t tolerate quacks and surely it doesn’t take long for the academic board to decide that the three-pseudo scientists will not receive the grant for their mediocre parapsychological research. The threesome is on the street but they don’t give up on hope. They decide to collect the needed funds for their vital research themselves and enthusiastically open up their own business that they call Ghostbusters. They kind of form a commando-unit that hunts a very rare wild: ghosts. And, incomprehensible but true, there seems to be a lot of work to do. New York is overflowing with phantoms, forest ghosts, supernatural creatures, and other funny streak loving vermin.
The three Ghostbusters already formed a booming threesome on the immensely successful TV-show The Saturday Night Live Show, in which they performed alongside the mourned John Belushi and the irresistible Eddie Murphy. The threesome in question consists of the unprecedented Bill Murray (The Razor’s Edge), the fantastic Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers) and the hilarious Harold Ramis. The comedians surpassed the commercial scores of Indiana Jones and the Gremlins in 1984.

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