Akira Kurosawa is a real nobody in the Japanese film world. For the time being, he’s assistant director for a mushy romantic chick flick on the deserted island of Kitajima. The only reason he persists in continuing this thankless job, is because a producer promised him that soon, very soon, he’ll be able to direct his own script: “Ghostmaster”, a scary movie packed with loving references to Tobe Hooper. Strangely enough, his producer has never heard of this horror legend and his favorite director is Hou Hsiao-Hsien, for crying out loud! Akira is so outraged that his script unwittingly comes to live and even possesses lead actress Yuya. Romance and gore creepily come together on the set… GHOSTMASTER is a true love letter to genre cinema packed with references to its great classics (EVIL DEAD, THE CHAINSAW MASSACRE and so forth). The script is courtesy of Ichiro Kusuno (TOKYO GHOUL) and among its romantically gory victims are Takahiro Miura (SHIN GODZILLA) and Riko Narumi (YAKUZA APOCALYPSE)!

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