They are young, they are pretty and they have their whole live in front of them… that is to say 48 hours, according to the requirements of the pervert who has abducted them to cut up their angel faces Picasso style. Obviously, it kind of worries Linda, freshly arrived in Turin to say hello to her supermodel sister who stood her up after a freaky phonecall. Bad luck again for Linda, the local police seems more preoccupied by the amount of prosciutto in their pizzas than the disappearance of the lil’ sis’ and she has to team up with a not very talkative inspector. But Linda will soon discover that Enzo ( that’s his name ) has also been chasing this son of a b**** since the beginning. A winning comeback for someone we really don’t have to introduce anymore : Dario Argento, one of the Godfathers of the BIFFF. This time, he makes us shiver our timbers with… Giallo, which isn’t really a giallo, since it refers to the color yellow in Italian. The critics compare it to the Stendhal Syndrome. With a cast headed by Adrien Brody ( The Pianist ) and Emmanuelle Seigner ( The Ninth Gate ), we can’t wait to see it.

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