Here we are again in feudal Japan, in the tumultuous Edo period. Former samurai Gintoki Sakata doesn’t have a dime left to his name. If he doesn’t want to be kicked out of his house, he must get off his lazy ass. Together with his housemates Shinpachi and Kagura, who are always jumping around somewhere in the perimeter, he takes on every little job he can get. This brings them in a pickle real fast when they notice that they keep ending up in the same place as the shogun, a mighty serious Japanese commander in chief. Before they know it, they end up in a double Machiavellian conspiracy, with two of the most important shoguns being targeted… GINTAMA is back! The magical universe of manga artist Hideaki Sorachi is brought alive again at the festival after last year’s success. For the sequel, director Yuichi Fukuda decided to do everything in twofold: a double, overlapping story arc, twice as much money, and a double tempo, from slow-motion slapstick to fast forward kicks. Rarely does the sequel surpass the original, you’ll have to judge for yourself…

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