Hardik and Luv are two dope heads who tag along to Goa with their best buddy Bunny on his business trip. Luv comes across free-spirited girl Luna who casually invites them to an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island. The party is the brainchild of the Russian Mafioso Boris, a testing ground for the launch of the ultimate party drug. But something is not right, or should we say rotten, on this island. All of a sudden, zombies are popping up everywhere. Where did they come from and who is Boris really? And why has this coldhearted drug-dealing gangster kingpin come to save their lives? Together they need to get the hell out of this infected island! India already has had to deal with monsters, ghosts, witches and vampires, but zombies are relatively new to the subcontinent. “Blame it on globalization”, as one of our three unlikely antiheroes utters, while he learns by trial and lots of error how to fight the undead. Go Goa Gone makes history as the very first Indian zombie comedy, at least if we try to forget Kondaveeti Donga ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDKcevMFUCo ). It’s a refreshing and genuinely funny picture, with lots of extra laughs as a bonus for those who are familiar with Bollywood cinema.

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