Those right-wingers! Enrico is one of those dudes who dress completely in black, with shortly cropped hair, a Celtic cross around their neck, and a right arm that has an indefatigable tendency to rise… Full of fury, he and his cronies are standing in front of an asylum seekers center, shouting themselves hoarse by way of protest against the luxurious treatment all those aspiring refugees receive. The blackshirts do like their share of havoc but during a scuffle with counter-protesters, zombies enter the scene and start biting their way through the crowd with a vengeance. The brave Enrico quickly changes camps and seeks refuge in the refugee center, where his colored fellow men welcome him without much ado. Will they join forces and fight the zealous zombies at the gates? GO HOME, a kind of AMERICAN HISTORY X for the third millennium, combines the raw energy of a zombie flick with the political relevance of a socially responsible drama. Italian filmmaker Luna Gualano pulls no punches in this highly topical, no-nonsense appeal against intolerance and xenophobia, shot with a dynamic camera in one location.

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