This friendly match should have been a pure formality for ace football team Olympique de Paris. What do they have to fear from a bunch of Provincial Division amateurs from Capelongue? Well, there’s bad blood between the teams because Samuel, Olympique’s goal getter used to play for Capelongue. And the fans have never forgiven his betrayal. Then there’s a contagious infection that turns the cheering crowds in the stands into zombies. It’s not just fireworks and beer bottles our players have to fear now. As a consequence, the rules of the beautiful game are drastically changed. Not only feet, but hands with every possible weapon that fits into them, may now be used. Do not kick the other balls on the field, because they’re chopped off heads that can still bite. Offside only counts when you’ve got broken bones sticking out of your body. And the game will be over when there’s nobody left standing on the field. Forget about the World Championship in Brazil. Get ready for some zombie football! Goal of the Dead, directed by the duo Benjamin Rocher (The Pack) and Thierry Poiraud (Atomik Circus) takes place at probably the most unique location in the history of the genre. Among the attackers, defenders, midfielders, goalies and biters, there’s Xavier Laurent (The Monuments Men, Rush), Alban Lenoir (New World, Les gamins) and Sebastien Vandenberghe (Taken 1 & 2).

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