Rose and Antoine, a loving though fragile young couple, are “expecting” as the apostles of the First Commandment (“Be Fruitful and Multiply”) tend to say. They’re also expecting that this lil’ chunk of love will magically heal all the festering family wounds and more importantly will calm down the overzealous mother-in-law who showers them with unwanted and unneeded pieces of advice. Let’s just say she’s the old school type who believes men only use brooms in Harry Potter flicks. So, Rose and Antoine are putting all their hopes into the birth of this little miracle that will miraculously solve all of their issues. But life has a way of throwing curveballs. Rose has a miscarriage and they lose the baby, which shatters their dreams and the resentment that was all this time boiling right under their skins will erupt in all its brutality… Brandon Gotto, one of but a few Belgians active in making fan films (HALLOWEEN, for example) is a self-taught filmmaker with a passion and a mission; emulating Gaspar Noé’s intensity and transposing it to his hometown of Charleroi. And whaddayaknow, both complement each other unsurprisingly well! Brace yourself for a very Noé-ian sensorial bad trip of mourning, anxiety and madness, aiming straight for your guts!

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