Nami is a very independent young girl who has survived her rough and loveless childhood by developing a bizarre hobby: the observation of solitary old people. During one of her spying sessions, she becomes fascinated by an old and very grumpy porn addict. Unfortunately for Nami, he doesn’t stay lonesome and unbearable for long. The man finds solace and joy in a religious community. Once again he walks around happily, reconnects with his family and makes new friends. But Nami is not about to let that go on for long.

The best description for Greatful Dead would be a new version of Takashi Miike’s The Audition. It starts as a bizarre Japanese comedy, but then becomes ever more dark and obscene. If you like your humor weird, love to discuss social problems and like to see cute girls completely loose it, then Greatful Dead might be something for you. Brace yourself for a horrific dramedy that will make you squirm in your seat, starring Itsuji Itao (Tokyo Gore Police) and Hôka Kinoshita (Ichi The Killer).

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