A year ago, the murder spree of serial killer Shin Hyun came to an end. His victims were all women, their bodies brutally cut into pieces. He surprised everyone by turning himself in to the police, carrying in his arms the corpse of his last victim. Now, the killing has resumed, with homicides identical to the ones of Shin Hyun. Officers Mi-yeon and Kang are assigned to the case. They visit Shun Yun, trying to find a lead on the killings. As if he knew they would come, he delivers his message : “Death is the only way to save the world.”. The detectives try in vain to stop the slaughter, but they are not even sure whether Hyun is behind it or it is the work of a mad copycat. They only know the initial of this frightfully brilliant serial killer : H.

The urban horror thriller H is definitely not for the squeamish. The debut feature of director Jong-hyuk Lee has the necessary ingredients for a memorable viewing experience : violent murders, a tension-filled investigation and a surprise ending. A minimalist music score and distinctive production design and cinematography create an atmosphere of lurking menace.

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