Krisztián, a young slacker raised by his aunt who’d rather teach him how to make magic potions than how to do his own laundry, is a lucky man. He was just accepted at his first job as a night watchman in a morgue. The description of the position, sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing, is right up his alley! But he’s quickly going to climb off his cloud when he finds out that the morgue’s residents are not resting in peace at all. You see, they have a to do-list of unfinished business on Earth, and they have exactly 29 days to wrap it all up and leave to the afterlife with a light, albeit not-beating heart. If they fail, the Mortician, some sort of super-powerful Hellboy that eternally wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, comes to collect their souls. And guess who is going to work double shifts as a middle-man? That’s right, Kriszty Boy! Luckily he can count on Ági, a fantastic girl he just met, to take his mind off things. Except that apart from being extremely cute, she’s also extremely dead, and smack in the middle of her 29-day probation period… Sick and tired of the romcom clichés where they live happily ever after, “until death do them part”? Well, have we got the perfect antidote for you with this macabre fairytale by Isti Madaràz (who already presented LOOP at the BIFFF 2017). HALFWAY HOME is halfway between the gothic world of Tim Burton and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s warped sense of romance. An absurd comedy with two lovebirds that fight an epic battle… while death already did them part!

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