In 1592, Korea is ravaged by Japanese invasions. On land, the king has already fled to the north, dangerously close to the Chinese border. At sea, things are not much better. The Japanese fleet reigns supreme. The Korean generals know fully well that if their naval forces yield, the kingdom of Joseon will be doomed. The best tacticians gather around the table. Their feverish meetings resemble those of the BIFFF-team a week before the festival. There’s lots of yelling and nobody can agree on anything. Some think the best defense is to defend even more. Others want to go on the attack. Despite a very active nest of spies, Admiral Sun-sin Yi, a brilliant strategist, puts together a particularly risky game of maritime chess. He especially counts on his secret weapon to save the kingdom. A weapon the Japanese know as “the Sea Monster”! HANSAN: RISING DRAGON is the long-awaited prequel to THE ADMIRAL – ROARING CURRENTS (BIFFF 2015), still one of the most watched films in Korean film history. This time we witness the historic battle of Hansando. This mesmerizing lesson in war strategy finds its climax in an absolutely epic, visually insane battle, where the sounds of war drums and the agonizing cries of the galley slaves will long reverberate in your mind.

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