Jonah and Richard go way back, but every friendship has its good and bad days. On one such bad day, Richard almost beats Jonah to a bloody pulp when he suspects his best mate to have done some hanky panky with his disloyal girlfriend Sasha. Jonah’s head is about to explode when Sasha intervenes. Those texts you read of Jonah and me? Those were not us cheating on you, we were getting you a birthday gift: a harpoon! Or spear gun, whatever. To make up for it, Richie Rich proposes to make a little boat trip on daddy’s yacht, just the three of ‘m. But what promises to be a day of reconciliation full of sun and sea is going to turn into a thrilling one-way trip to the darkest corners of the human psyche… Rob Grant spins a tale of Poe – no, not Winnie – into a gripping thriller full of black humor, the tension rising with every mile they move away from the shore. Impossible to predict which turn the script is going to take next… Here at the office you could hear a lot of “Nooo!”, “Really???”, “They wouldn’t dare to… Wowww!”, so we can’t wait to listen to the crowd at the BIFFF!

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