After discovering her father and brother’s mangled corpses, young Marybeth has done all she can to destroy their supernatural killer, the infamous Victor Crowley. And, hell yeah, she did it! Caked in a gargantuan fountain of blood as Crowley is sliced to ribbons, Marybeth turns away from the swamp and wanders blindly back toward civilization, where local Sheriff Fowler finds his routine interrupted by the young girl, caked head-to-toe in Crowley’s blood and carrying a shotgun, muttering “I killed him”. The rattled sheriff immediately sends a duo of officers to the supposed crime scene. Upon their arrival at the swamp, the deputies discover a bloodbath of unimaginable proportions. They radio in from Honey Island Swamp to confirm the girl’s story, but no one knows who’s responsible for the killings. Could Marybeth’s story be true? Are these the victims of a local ghost story… or is the catatonic, blood-caked girl they now have in custody responsible? Get ready for the third and final round of bona-fide horror icon Victor Crowley, the deformed, hulking sociopath created by Adam Green in Hatchet I and II and brought to screen this time by BJ McDonnell. This self-styled “old school” slasher film perpetuates its dedication to the aesthetics of 70’s and 80’s horror flicks and delivers a fun, over-the-top movie with hilarious kills and introduces a newbie to the cast: Zach Galligan, “the” Billy Peltzer from Gremlins!

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