It’s Sunday, the eve of Lisa’s 16th birthday. Outside, a heavy fog surrounds the house and Lisa is about to sulk the entire day. Her younger brother Robbie plays with his imaginary friend, her mother asks her to do the laundry, her father works in the garage and they will eat pancakes in the morning, macaroni with cheese for lunch and a hearty meatloaf for dinner before they all settle down in front of the television. Lisa goes to sleep. It’s Sunday, the eve of Lisa’s 16th birthday. Fog, pancakes, macaroni and meatloaf. Every day Lisa is forced to relive the same events until she can’t take it anymore. She decides to change her daily routine by locking herself up in the attic, where she makes a disconcerting discovery. It’s Sunday, the eve of Lisa’s 16th birthday. And this time her family acts differently, to Lisa’s big relief. But then someone knocks at the door… Vincenzo Natali, cult director of Cube, Cypher and Nothing ( all three screened at the BIFFF ) is back with a haunted house movie and a mysterious puzzle to solve. If you’re in the mood to peel off some some ghostly layers, join Abigail Breslin ( Zombieland, Signs ) and the always excellent Stephen McHattie ( Torment, Pontypool, Watchmen ) in Haunters.

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