Erica is finally living her fairy tale romance with her Prince Charming, her Vincent, Vinnie, V-Love. The man of her dreams, ticking all of her boxes – white, straight, rich and cooks a wonderful spaghetti alle vongole – and who is now going to put a ring on it. She can’t wait to have her wedding night! Oh, but what a wedding night it’ll be… You see, what Erica doesn’t know is that Vincent has the empathy of a barracuda and the twisted mind of a BIFFF’er who didn’t get his BIFFF-shots for over two years (oops!). He just loves his torture chamber and he can’t wait to show Erica this side of himself… Rewind! While Vincent is weaving his deceitful web around poor little thing Erica, already imaging which favorite tool he’s going to use first on her, Erica actually also knows a thing or two about psychopathic behavior… Her love is real, but as a black widow she want to kill what she loves in order to attain its purest form. So, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! After THE FARE (BIFFF 2019), D.C. Hamilton comes back with a new deliciously poisonous hoot. Turning the usual psychopath-searches-for-innocent-victim fodder on its head and dipping everything in a Barbie-world-on-Prozac aesthetic, he unfolds a little theatre of cruelty with two maniacs dancing a deadly tango until their heads spin. And you know what? They deserve each other!

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