A John Doe with a bullet in the head is found unconscious on
an Indonesian beach before being quickly taken in charge by a local
hospital. Immersed in a coma, the young man can count on Ailin, a
young doctor who watches over him. As a big fan of Moby Dick, she
decides to call him Ismaël. But when Ismaël wakes up two months
later, he remembers nothing. All he knows is that he’s alive and well.
The rest? Frankly, as Donald Trump would say, he doesn’t give a fuck.
Except that he still has a bullet in the head. Ailin proposes to take him
to Jakarta when he can completely recover. But their journey will be
interrupted by members of a formidable gang who have a very broad
notion of collateral damage. As victims start falling like flies, Ismaël
understands that he is the main target of these ugly gentlemen.
And it’s for a very simple reason: Ismaël is the worst killing machine
anyone has ever created, with or without a bullet in the head!
The Mo Brothers already showed their talents with Macabre (BIFFF
2010) and Killers (BIFFF 2014). With Headshot they prove that they’re
the undisputed leaders of Indonesian genre cinema. Their recipe? Recycling
the pitch for Jason Bourne and combine it with the incredible
talents of Iko Uwais (The Raid 1 & 2, Star Wars VII) for a breath-taking
action extravaganza which will hit you in the face at 200 km per hour.

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