With a tumor gnawing at his brain, Charlie Baker dreams of only one thing: to spend his last days under the Florida sun and get the hell away from everything that’s rotting under his feet. And that’s only logical, because Charlie is a gravekeeper. But his boss wants to lengthen his suffering with another six month by sending him to another necropolis whose gravedigger in chief died in mysterious circumstances. If Charlie wants to receive full retirement benefits, he has no other choice than to accept his last assignment. When he moves into his new city of the dead, Charlie discovers that it’s not just his predecessor that passed away. Every guardian of this place went completely psychotic after a while and became more than eager to join the legion of the dead. You see, this is not an ordinary cemetery. This is nothing less than the Hellmouth, the gates to the underworld, and it has special plans for Charlie.

Hellmouth is a stunning, spectacular ode to classic horror and fantasy, with its unique neo-retro look blending Sin City with German expressionism. And it comes from none other than director John Geddes (Exit Humanity) and the scriptwriter and lead actor of Pontypool (Bifff 2010): Tony Burgess and Stephen Mc Hattie.

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