J. P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhart), a young and rich owner of nightclubs in an American city, purchases an artwork: a monolith that turns out to be very strange. This new owner allows in fact Pinhead (Doug Bradley) to come back on Earth and fulfill his evil plans. To do so, he uses the transmuted flesh of his victims to raise an army of Cenobites in order to find the Lament Configuration that could send him back to Hell. In the meantime, Terry Farrell (Joey Summerskill), a young and attractive TV presenter is in the grip of real and unbearable nightmares, during which her father, who died in Vietnam before her birth, appears in front of her. What haunts her during the night will remain a mystery until… Do not expect us to tell you more about it!

“Our intention was to realize a film that is not bloody or gross, but simply frightening and intense”, explains Anthony Hickox about his own film. The first experience of partnership between this young filmmaker (author of Waxwork II) and Bob Keen (in charge of the special effects) turns out to be successful with this third part of the HELLRAISER franchise. The third film about the dreaded adventures of Pinhead and his Cenobites has no cause to be envious of the previous ones. HELL ON EARTH offers the purest horror, not necessarily humorous, with a tendency to sadomasochism beloved by Clive Barker, who contributed to the first two films. Atkins, composer, singer, and actor at the same time, made his debut as a screenwriter in 1988 for the second chapter called HELLRAISER: HELLBOUND, and participated again in the realization of this one. He says that « the HELLRAISER series, and Pinhead himself, provide to the world a show of such intensity never seen before. People are fascinated by the puzzles, the doors, and I think that everything connected to the myth of HELLRAISER is about puzzles and doors, making a step in it and entering something beyond everything.”

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