As usual, everything is calm and quiet in the small village of Solby. Sebastien the elephant and Mitcho the cat enjoy fishing on the pier when, suddenly, something bites at the end of the line. Intrigued, our two friends discover a bottle hooked to their hook. But not just any bottle! It contains a message from the mayor of Solby who has mysteriously disappeared. In it he explains that he’s on Mysterious Island and that he made an incredible discovery! Sebastian and Mitcho decide to rescue the mayor and embark on a crazy adventure, full of dangers, pirates, ghosts and dragons. But, on the way, they will discover something that may change their little quiet village forever: a giant pear! The Giant Pear, inspired by Jakob Martin Strid’s classic children’s tale, marks the first collaboration between three Danish animation specialists, including Philip Einstein Lipski (Ronal the Barbarian, BIFFF 2012). Determined to escape the standard aesthetics of animation, our trio of directors followed three key words: fun, imagination and joyful anarchy! This film, sold to more than 50 countries, will make our beloved toddlers very happy!

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