Het Varken, de Vos en de Molen

Eric Oh doesn’t need any word to tell a beautiful story. The characters, the music and the graphic design are all so simple and yet so moving. What’s his secret? Mister Oh has already collaborated on the short THE DAM KEEPER, which was nominated for an Oscar. In this film a little pig and his dad live on top of a mountain, which is being threatened by a big, black cloud. Even though the dad tries to push back the cloud with the blades of his windmill, it’s to no avail: the cloud is staying. He then decides to chase away the cloud himself, leaving the piglet home alone. Luckily he can count on his friend the Fox, to share his laughter and his sadness, but he still misses his dad. Together piglet and fox are going on an adventure to look for daddy… This film is abstract and surreal, with strong images that evoke tenderness, happiness, courage and sadness. A poetic animation film full of wonder and delight that should please anyone between the ages of 4 to 104… Come discover it during our Kids Day!

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