HINTERLAND by Stefan Ruzowitzky

Remember your intergalactic hangover the morning after the last “real” BIFFF edition to date ended, way back in what must’ve been 2019? Yeah, our memories are a little vague too, but it seems eons ago, a more innocent time when the only masks we wore in public were Jason’s and Michael Myer’s. Anyway, remember the agony you were in that morning after, multiply by about a thousand and you’ll approach the mental state of Mr. Peter Perg, a veteran of World War I who, after fighting bravely for the fatherland, heads home. But home is no longer what he fought for. He left to battle in the name of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Herr Kaiser Franz Joseph I, and after defeat returns to a drab Republic of Austria that seems unconcerned with morals and patriotic ideals. To make matters even worse, there’s a sadistic serial killer on the loose who has a thing for war veterans and gruesome torture techniques… After COLD HELL (BIFFF 2017), Stefan Rutowzky returns with a gritty mystery thriller all in shades of black and gray, with mind-blowing set design by digital art director Oleg Prodeus. Vienna is recreated through the lens of Perg’s anxiety and emotional turmoil, creating a distorted, disproportional city that deliberately harkens back to German expressionistic paintings and films such as THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARY (1920).

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